9 March 2015

CarryMap Full Crack Download (Working with Arc GIS 10.2.2)

  • Do you need to share your ArcGIS project or parts of this project with colleagues or customers that don't have ArcGIS software?
  • Do you need to share your geodata securely - so that no one could modify or extract it from the file that you provide?

  • Reproduce your ArcGIS map document or part of it as a searchable exe-file for unlimited distribution available for wide range of users. You can send it, burn to a CD or put up to your web site for download. The output maps data can be imported back to ArcGIS.
  • Output map applications can be run on any Windows computer, Windows Mobile, iOS or Android.
  • Compressed and protected spatial data, friendly user interface, advanced search capabilities accompanied with GPS navigation - you can have it all in just one executable file.
  • Managing the access to the electronic map with passwords and time limits you have capabilities to safely distribute your spatial data.

CarryMap is a unique solution for reproducing your ArcGIS maps as self sufficient distributable electronic map applications for desktop computers, Windows mobile, Apple iOS, and Android devices (CarryMap application for iOS and Android devices is available at App Store and Google Play Market, respectively).

With CarryMap you get the professional production tool for making spatially enabled guides, exploration plans, field work maps, recreation and attraction plans for navigation and information support purposes. All that you can easily supply to any non GIS user having neither specific GIS software nor professional GIS skills and experience.
Make your mobile maps more usable and interactive with the possibility of adding hyperlinks in the Identify dialog. Create your maps using different skin colors or add your own company logo to the map. This way the maps you create can be designed in a unified corporate style.
Based on the CarryMap technology Data East developed Zoo Nsk – a free application for the Novosibirsk zoo, one of the three biggest zoos in Russia. The application is available for Android and Apple iOS smart phones and tablets. With Zoo Nsk you can track your current location, find your favorite animals, see their description with photo, plan your own zoo visit route, as well as get detailed information about all attractions, cafes, and other services provided on site.

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  1. Hello, for me it is not working, when I replace both files and try to create the map the buttom doesnt even work, it feels like the command button is null.

  2. Not working! Just like Izabela...

  3. Me too, i don't now if Windows 10 is the trouble

  4. Me too, i have problem with the wizar not apper

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Me too i have problem aplikasion not work.. help me ples how it ken work?

  7. the wizard isn't appear. so this application can't work

  8. It's no working. Can you fix that?

  9. Mr.amanat, Could you have activate key?? It might work for everyone.

  10. Hello, for me it is not working, when I replace both files and try to create the map the buttom doesnt even work, it feels like the command button is null.

  11. Hi everyone, it works on windows 7 with ArcGIS 10.2.2



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