3 March 2015

Trial Reset of Xtools Pro

---->>Open ArcMap.

---->>Go to About in Xtool Pro.
---->>Use Uninstall Current License to do that.

Xtool 10.0  para ARCGIS

Xtool 10.0  para ARCGIS

---->>Now go to Regedit and use finder, see the image 3, find the RD only in value option.

Xtool 10.0  para ARCGIS

---->>Now delete the key, not only the value, in other way it can fail.

Xtool 10.0  para ARCGIS

---->>Execute the Xtools Pro installer and Unnistall.

---->>When it is completed, install again.
---->>If everything is fine You have your 14 days of trial.


  1. When i delete RD, i forgot to delete the folder in Registry. So, when I want to search it again, I failed. Did you have any suggestion?

  2. can you update the pictures please? and does this work with other xtools version?

    1. sorry for problem.. I update soon..

    2. hi
      i need xtool pro cracked , if you have please share with me i need very urgently ,

  3. hai amanat,
    can you upload cracked version of autocad map 2017 for both 32 and 64 bit.
    thank you


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